Residents of Squire Creek know that North Louisiana offers an array of culturally diverse experiences. Ruston, the closest town in proximity to Squire Creek, is progressive but still has small-town qualities. With very little crime, residents feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked at night. Children ride their bikes and play outside, neighbors enjoy each other’s company at backyard barbeques and residents feel safe walking down the street as the sun sets.

While plenty of community-related activities abound, three major universities within a thirty mile radius of Squire Creek keep the energy level high with enthusiasm. Louisiana Tech, Grambling and the University of Louisiana at Monroe offer the best in higher education and sporting events, and ample opportunity to get involved. Whether it’s a football game or a musical play put on by the theater department, the universities give Squire Creek residents plenty of chances to diversify their lifestyles. To learn more about our local schools and universities:;;;  

Shopping and dining are always fun activities, and Squire Creek residents have plenty from which to choose. Ruston offers quaint specialty shops where you can find one-of-a-kind items, beautiful antiques and the best in exclusive, trendy fashions. Ruston is also home to two nationally renowned shops; Follette Pottery and the Chartreuse Pear have both been featured in national magazines. Locally-owned restaurants line the streets of Ruston, with coffee shops and bakeries offering aromatic delights to all who come through the door. And if it’s national chain stores and restaurants you’re looking for, a short drive to either Monroe or Shreveport brings malls, shopping centers and the most well-known names in food and entertainment. To learn more:

Healthcare is in abundance in North Louisiana. Ruston, with just over 20,000 residents, is home to two major hospitals and a regional clinic, which offer the latest in diagnostic technology. Monroe is home to four major hospitals, and Shreveport has nine major hospitals, including LSU Health Sciences Center. Hundreds of specialty clinics are available in North Louisiana as well, giving residents numerous options for health and well-being. To learn more:  

For folks interested in outdoor activities, Lincoln Parish offers three lakes for water sports and fishing, and Lincoln Parish Park is home to lush walking and hiking trails, camping spots and world-famous mountain biking trails. Situated in the piney hills of North Louisiana, Lincoln Parish has no shortage of recreational areas for hunting, fishing or camping. It truly is a sportsman’s paradise. To learn more:

Squire Creek is more than just a place to live. It’s a lifestyle that offers beautiful scenery and mild winters, a sense of safety and comfort, and a friendly atmosphere. Squire Creek is the best life has to offer… a place you should call home.